Our Beers

Barrabool Hills Brewing Company was a pipe dream for Jamie Roydhouse for decades. Jamie and his wife Liz Roydhouse started brewing some forty years ago as pharmacy students residing at Ridley College. The Roydhouse pair raised many eyebrows at the “dry” Theological College in Parkville, Melbourne.

Now the full size,all electric brewery in South Geelong has the capacity of producing 150,000 litres a year of top quality, hand crafted beer, both in bottles and kegs.

Since the launch of Ocean Road Pale Ale in August 2014, the family company has grown and now includes Cam Roydhouse (son of Jamie & Liz) who is the Asia distributor, supplying many top-class restaurants and bars in Singapore, like "pscafe" and "Marina Sands".





Cockies "The Dark Light"

dark light 6 pack
"the Dark Light" is a low alcohol ale with all the robust flavours of a full strength beer. It is a smooth, full bodied amber ale, carefully blended with roasted malts, producing rich caramel and toasty malt flavours.


Cockies India Pale Ale "IPA"

IMG 0919

Cockies India Pale Ale wins a silver medal at the Australian International Beer Awards! We have created a classic, liberally hopped IPA that abounds with spicy aromas and flavours, a balanced bitterness and a lingering,


Ocean Road Pale Ale



Naturally brewed Beer without preservatives exhibiting not only the finest qualities of a classic pale ale, Cockies Ocean Road Pale Ale (4.7%) is made from a carefully selected blend of the freshest natural


Surf Coast Blonde


Surf Coast Blonde offers drinkers a crisp, refreshing Blonde Ale, made with quality, all Australian malted barley. 

Surf Coast Blonde is a whirlpool blend of three hop varieties showcasing tropical fruits,